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2001 FCSM Conference Papers

Plenary Session I    
Introduction and Welcoming Remarks Katherine Wallman
Cathryn Dippo
The Interplay between Research Innovation and Federal Statistical Practice Stephen Fienberg
Session II-A
Model-based Survey Estimation; Bayesian Statistical Methods and Software Chair:   Alan Dorfman
Small Area Estimates from the American Community Survey Using a Housing Unit Model[PDF] Nanak Chand
Donald Malec
Measuring the Number of People Without Health Insurance: A Test of a Synthetic Estimates Approach for Small Area Estimates Using SIPP Microdata [PDF]
Diagrams  [PDF]
Carole Popoff
Dean Judson
Betsy Fadali
A New Approach to Hierarchical Bayes Modeling for Small Area Estimation with Surveys Avinash Singh
R.E. Folsom, Jr.
A. K. Vaish
Approximation Methods for Covariance Matrix Estimators Used in Analysis of Diary and Interview Data from the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey[PDF]
Diagrams 1-4  [PDF]
Diagrams 5-6  [PDF]
John Eltinge
Amang Sukasih
Session II-B
Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Metadata Chair: David Banks
An NLP Approach for Improving Access to Statistical Information for the Masses [PDF] Elizabeth Liddy
Jennifer Liddy
The Reality of Metadata: Are Common Data Definitions Possible? [PDF] Renee Miller
Jacob Bournazian
Dwight French
Marry Ellen Golby
Perry Lindstrom
Louis Schloss
Studies of Metadata Creation and Usage [PDF] Carol Hert
Operations Research/Statistics Techniques: A Key to Quantitative Data Mining [PDF] Jorge Romeu
Session III-A
Uses of Advanced Technologies for Data Collection, Processing and Dissemination, Part 1 Chair: Stanley Freedman
Computer Audio Recorded Interviewing (CARI): Additional Feasibility Efforts of Monitoring Field Interview Performance [PDF] Deborah Herget
Paul Biemer
Jeremy Morton
Kelly Sand
Scanning Technology Can Improve Time-Use Studies [PDF] Patricia Donahue
Lynn Musser
Thomas Slomba
Judy Hoovler
Tina Kinney
Consuelo Bangs
Strategies to Implement Electronic Collection of Multiple Worksite Report Data [PDF] Michael Searson
Formal Discussion Martha Johnson
Session III-B
Treatment of Missing Data Chair: Stephen Cohen
Mass Imputation of Agricultural Economic Data Missing by Design - A Simulation Study of Two Regression Based Techniques [PDF] Matt Fetter
Automatic Interaction Detection for Imputation - Tests with the WAID Software Package [PDF] Pasi Piela
Seppo Laaksonen
Raking Fire Data [PDF] Michael Greene
Linda Smith
Mark Levenson
Signe Hiser
Jean Mah
Formal Discussion [PDF] Nathaniel Schenker
Session IV-A
Uses of Advanced Technologies for Data Collection, Processing and Dissemination, Part II Chair: John Kavaliunas
Laying the Foundation for Electronic Dissemination: Statistics Canada's Output Database, CANSIM II [PDF] Louis Boucher
Security Screening and Knowledge Management in the Department of Defense [PDF] David Lloyd
Nancy Spruill
Usability Testing for the Energy Information Administration's Info-Centric Web Site [PDF] Colleen Blessing
Robert Rutchik
Howard Bradsher-Fredrick
Herbert Miller
Renee Miller
Developing Internet Dissemination in Step with Client Expectations [PDF] Pamela Best
Session IV-B
Improving Coverage and Response Rates Chair: Clyde Tucker
Experiences with Incentives in a Public Attitudes Survey Using RDD [PDF] Ron Fecso
Are Late/Difficult Cases in Demographic Survey Interviews Worth the Effort?: A Review of Several Federal Surveys [PDF] Detis Duhart
Nancy Bates
Barbara Williams
Gregg Diffendal
Pei Lu Chiu
Evaluation of a Monetary Incentive Payment Experiment in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, 1997 Cohort [PDF] Michael Horrigan
Rupa Datta
James Walker
Incentive Effects Across Gender Groups in a Federal Survey on Sexual Behavior and Fertility Robert Groves
William Mosher
Eleanor Singer
Session V-A
Confidentiality and Disclosure Issues in Data Release and Data Linkage, Part 1 Chair: Sam Hawala
On Disclosure Protection for Nontraditional Statistical Outputs Arnold Reznek
David Merrell
Methods for Data Directed Microaggregation in One or More Dimensions [PDF] Gordon Sande
Using Synthetic Data Sets to Satisfy Disclosure Restrictions [PDF] Jerome Reiter
A Disclosure Treatment Strategy of Public Use Micro Data Files Based Upon Optimal Sampling Design Considerations A.C. Singh
Moshe Feder
George Dunteman
Feng Yu
Session V-B
Estimation and Variance Estimation Chair: William Bell
A General Method for Estimating the Variances of X11-ARIMA Estimators [PDF] Luisa Burck
Michail Sverchkov
Design and Estimation Innovations in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey for the Measurement of Health Care Quality and Expenditures [PDF] Steven Cohen
Cross-Sectional Inference Based on Longitudinal Surveys: Some Experiences with Statistics Canada Surveys [PDF] Harold Mantel
Milorad Kovacevic
Owen Phillips
Georgia Roberts
Current Population Survey State-Level Variance Estimation [PDF] Richard Griffiths
Khandaker Mansur
Session VI-A
Confidentiality and Disclosure Issues in Data Release and Data Linkage, Part 2 Chair: Arthur Kennickell
Balancing Confidentiality and Burden Concerns in Censuses and Surveys of Large Businesses Elizabeth Nichols
Diane Willimack
Businesses' Perceptions of Confidentiality and Their Attitudes Towards Data Sharing Among Federal Statistical Agencies [PDF] Diane Willimack
Striking the Balance between Privacy and Production in Demographic Surveys: Implementation of the Respondent Identification Policy [PDF] Patricia Doyle
Nancy Bates
Gerald Gates
Formal Discussion [PDF] Eleanor Singer
Session VI-B
Statistical uses of Administrative Records Chair: Tom Petska
Changes in the Use of Education Administrative Records: The Common Core of Data [PDF] Lee Hoffman
Beth Young
Using Administrative Data in Lieu of Survey Responses for Small Businesses [PDF] Anthony Myers
David Kinyon
Carol King
The Assessment of Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), Benefit Data Using Longitudinal Administrative Records [PDF] Kalman Rupp
Minh Huynh
James Sears
Formal Discussion Fritz Scheuren
Session VII-A
Internet and Other Forms of Data Collection Chair: Kent Marquis
AESDirect - Internet Data Collection of U.S. Export Information [PDF] Charles Woods
Social Presence in Web Surveys [PDF] Roger Tourangeau
Mick Couper
Darby Steiger
Probability Based Internet Surveys: A Synopsis of Early Methods and Survey Research Results [PDF] Vicki Huggins
Joe Eyeman
Formal Discussion Tim Gabel
Session VII-B
Sample Design and Estimation Chair: Patrick Cantwell
Sample Size Considerations for Multilevel Surveys [PDF] Michael Cohen
Two-Sided Coverage Intervals for Small Proportions Based on Survey Data [PDF] Phillip Kott
Per Gösta Andersson
Olle Nerman
Formal Discussion [PDF] Stephen Haslett
Session VIII-A
Issues in Geospatial Data Collection Chair: Lester R. Curtin
Using Digital Geospatial Information to Locate Sample Units in the Field [PDF] Sarah Nusser
Jean Fox
Geospatial Data Collection and Analysis as Crucial Processes in an Integrated Census [PDF] Olivia Blum
Rinat Calvo
Evaluating the Use of Residential Mailing Addresses in a Metropolitan Household Survey [PDF] Vincent Iannacchione, Jennifer Staab, David Redden
Formal Discussion [PDF] Shoreh Elhami
Session VIII-B
Cognitive Research and Usability Testing in Survey Processes Chair: Roger Tourangeau
Optimizing Survey Measurement Accuracy by Matching Question Design to Respondent Memory Organization [PDF] Jon Krosnick
Michael Silver
Clarifying Survey Questions When Respondents Don't Know They Need Clarification [PDF] Frederick Conrad
Michael Schober
Usability Methods for Designing a Computer-Assisted Data Collection Instrument for the CPI [PDF] Jean Fox
Building Usability into Electronic Data-Collection Forms for Economic Censuses and Surveys Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Nichols
Amy Anderson
M. Diane Harley
Kimberly Pressley
Plenary Session IX     Chair: Cynthia Clark
Federal Statistics: The "Right" Balance between Accountability and Autonomy Kenneth Prewitt
Session X-A
Data Quality and Nonsampling Error, Part 1 Chair: Diane Willimack
Investigation of Selective Editing Procedures Using Quinquennial Data [PDF] Katherine Thompson
Susan Hostetter
Why Evaluate Business Data Collections? [PDF] Martin David
Classifying Open Ended Reports: Coding Occupation in the Current Population Survey Frederick Conrad
Mick Couper
Using Respondent Requests for Help to Develop Quality Data Collection Instruments: The 2000 Census of Agriculture Content Test [PDF] Jaki McCarthy
Session X-B
New Approaches in Sample Design, Estimation and Record Linkage Chair: Pedro Saavedra
Changes in Sampling Units in Surveys of Businesses [PDF] Jock Black
Designing Samples to Satisfy Many Variance Constraints [PDF] Donna Glassbrenner
A Partial Order Approach to Record Linkage [PDF] Dean Judson
Formal Discussion [PDF] Gary Shapiro
Session XI-A
Data Quality and Nonsampling Error, Part 2 Chair: Nancy Kirkendall
Delivering and Measuring Data Quality in UK National Statistics [PDF] Marta Haworth
Jean Martin
Effects of the Level of Interviewer Effort on the Characteristics of Completed Responses: An Experiment Using the 1998 Survey of Small Business Finances [PDF] Marianne Bitler
John Wolken
The Quality vs. Timeliness Tradeoff in BLS ES-202 Administrative Statistics [PDF] Akbar Sadeghi
Richard Clayton
Formal Discussion [PDF] Daniel Kasprzyk
Session XI-B
Census and Survey Evaluation Methodologies Chair: Kevin Cecco
Estimating Reliability and Bias from Reinterviews with Application to the 1998 Dress Rehearsal Race Question [PDF] Paul Biemer
Henry Woltman
Can We Ignore the Migration of Income Tax Nonfilers When Benchmarking the American Community Survey's County Estimates? [PDF] Yves Thibaudeau
The 2002 U.S. Census of Agriculture Data Processing System [PDF] Chadd Crouse
Kara Perritt
Formal Discussion [PDF] Charles Alexander

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