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Key Topics

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Data Protection

Explores the challenges of providing access to data and aggregated statistics for research, evaluation, and evidence-based policymaking, while protecting the confidentiality of all related individuals and organizations.

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Data Quality

Identifies and promotes best practices for assessing and communicating data quality from surveys, administrative records, sensors, and other sources that are used individually and together in statistical estimates.

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Nonresponse Bias

Develops guidelines and best practices for nonresponse bias analyses and reporting in federal surveys.

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Measuring Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Sex Characteristics (SOGISC)

Explores the best practices of the measurement of SOGISC in the context of federal information collections.

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Equitable Data Toolkit

Provides federal agencies with tools that support equity analyses with a focus on historically underserved populations. Supports increasing available data, improving the accuracy of analyses, and ensuring ethical and secure data governance to improve the representation of underserved populations in federal data and analyses.