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1999 Research Conference

Resources and Proceedings

Unless noted, all of these documents are in Portable Document Format [PDF]. To view them you will need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader which is available for free from the Adobe Web site.

Technical Demonstrations</span>


Introductory Remarks (142 KB)


The Relation Between Scientific and Political Action (124 KB)


Role of Researchers in Program Decisions (120 KB)


Organizer: Lynda Carlson

Statistics and Sound Bites: Statistical Literacy in the Age of the Internet (402 KB)


Use of Tax Data in the Production of Provincial Economic Statistics (204 KB)


The Effects of Using Administrative Registers in Economic Short Term Statistics: The Norwegian Labour Force Survey as a Case Study (440 KB)

Thomsen, Zhang

Expansion of Administrative Records Uses at the Census Bureau: A Long-Range Research Plan (440 KB)

Prevost, Leggieri

Formal Discussion (161 KB)


Statistical Metadata Research at the Census Bureau (267 KB)

Gillman, Appel

Metadata at Statistics Netherlands (197 KB)


Using a Dimensional Data Warehouse to Standardize Survey and Census Metadata (237 KB)
Abstract (86 KB)

Yost, Nealon

Formal Discussion (88 KB)


Frame Development for Surveys of Financial Institutions: Using Administrative Data from Regulatory Agencies (174 KB)


Using Administrative Data to Improve Survey Estimation - The 1997 Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (440 KB)

Moore, Caldwell

Using Administrative Records to Report Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics (236 KB)


Small-Area Population Estimation Technique Using Administrative Records and Evaluation of Results with Loss Functions and Optimization Criteria
(163 KB)


The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Methods Panel-Improving Income Measurement (176 KB)

Doyle, Martin, Moore

Alternative Designs for the Consumer Expenditure Survey (440 KB)


Estimating the Error in Labor Force Data Using Markov Latent Class Analysis (259 KB)

Biemer, Bushery

Some Observations on Price Index Estimators (440 KB)

Lent, Leaver, Dorfman

Small Domain Estimation of Employment Using CES and ES202 Data (292 KB)

Harter, Wolter, Macaluso

Large Numbers of Estimates for Small Areas (440 KB)

Schirm, Czajka, Zaslavsky

Using Administrative Records for Small Area Estimation In The American Community Survey (181 KB)

Alexander, Chand

Formal Discussion (105 KB)


Bridging the Gap between the Theory and Practice of Analysis of Data from Complex Surveys - Some Statistics Canada Experiences (222 KB)

Phillips, Roberts, Kovacevic, Gentleman

Data Mining the CPS Reinterview: Digging into Response Error (440 KB)

McGovern, Bushery

The Limits of Health Surveys for Contextual or Multi-Level Analysis (440 KB)

Hadden, Maury

Adolescent Cigarette Use: Effects of Race/Ethnicity and School Racial/Ethnic Composition (231 KB)


Combining Register-Based and Traditional Census Processes as a Pre-Defined Strategy in Census Planning (274 KB)


Use of An Existing Sampling Frame to Collect Broad-Based Health and Health-Related Data at the State and Local Level (440 KB)

Ezzati-Rice, Cynamon, Blumberg, Madans

An Alternative to the Reinterview Survey Used to Measure Coverage Error in the United States Census of Agriculture (440 KB)

Jay Johnson

Formal Discussion (126 KB)


A Cognitive Appraisal Methodology for Establishment Survey Questionnaires (283 KB)


Verbal Reports Are Data! A Theoretical Approach to Cognitive Interviews (180 KB)

Blair, Tracy, Conrad

Conversational Interviewing and Data Quality (240 KB)

Conrad, Schober

Developing and Testing Aggregate Reporting Forms for Data on Race and Ethnicity (211 KB)

Schechter, Stinson, Moy

The Design of a One Number Census in the UK (278 KB)

Abbott, Brown, Buckner, Chambers, Cruddas, Diamond, Woolford

Evaluating a One Number Approach to the Agricultural Census (182 KB)


An Alternative to Traditional Census Taking: Plans for France (440 KB)

Dumais, Eghbal, Jacod, Isnard, Vinot

Formal Discussion (108 KB)


Validation of Fourth and Eighth Grade Students' Responses to Reading, Math, and Science NAEP Background Items: Use of Cognitive Interviewing Techniques with Teachers and Students (217 KB)

Huberman, Levine

Cognitive Design and Bayesian Modeling of a Census Survey of Income Recall (221 KB)

Marquis, Press

Cognitive Testing of Questions to Measure Family Violence (168 KB)

Paletta, Mihorean

Evaluating the Displaced-Worker/Job-Tenure Supplement to the CPS: An Illustration of Multimethod Quality Assessment Research (286 KB)


Planning for the 2001 Census Coverage Survey in England and Wales (260 KB)


Designing Coverage Studies for the 2001 Canadian Census (179 KB)

Clark, Tourigny

Estimating Census Undercount Using Coverage Measurement Survey and Demographic Data (567 KB)

Elliott Little

Validation of Causality for the Dual System Estimation Procedure in the Census 2000 Dress Rehearsal (440 KB)


Increasing the Effectiveness of Ratio Edits by Using Joint Transformed Variables (130 KB)


Ratio Edit
Tolerance Development Using Variations of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Resistant Fences Methods
(440 KB)


Overview and Evaluation of AGGIES, An Automated Edit and Imputation System (173 KB)

Perritt, Todaro

Implementation of the Graphical Editing Analysis Query System (153 KB)

Lu, Weir, Emery

Using the American Community Survey to Enhance the Current Population Survey: Opportunities and Issues (186 KB)

Butani, Esposito, Alexander

Possible Improvements to the National Crime Victimization Survey Using the American Community Survey (178 KB)

Lewis, Creighton, Kindermann, DeBerry

Using GIS to Evaluate a New Source of Transportation Census Data: The American Community Survey (211 KB)

O'Neill, Hess

Formal Discussion (108 KB)


Formal Discussion (73 KB)


National Estimates of an Audited Variable with a Large Number of Missing Values (122 KB)


Some Problems and Solutions with a Delete-A-Group Jackknife (440 KB)


Variance Estimation Under Marginal Models for Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Complex Survey Data (440 KB)


Modeling and Imputation of Semicontinuous Survey Variables (440 KB)

Schafer, Olsen

Time Series and Cross-Sectional Analysis and Modelling in the Monitoring of UK Labour Market (440 KB)

Haworth, Caplan

Recent Developments at Statistics Canada in the Linking of Complex Health Files (440 KB)


Record Linkage at NASS Using AutoMatch (220 KB)

Broadbent, Iwig

Disability Research Using Survey Data Matched to Social Security Administration Record Data (192 KB)

Rupp, Davies

Standards for Final Disposition Codes and Outcome Rates for Surveys (130 KB)


Statistical Issues in a Record Check Study of Childhood Immunization (440 KB)

Givens, Brick, Nixon, Kalton, Ezzati-Rice

Analysis of 1990 Decennial Census Check-In Time Data (440 KB)


Survey Attrition: A Taxonomy and the Search for Valid Instruments to Correct for Biases (289 KB)

Dolton, Lindeboom, Van den Berg

Use of Stratum Mixing to Reduce Primary-Unit-Level Identification Risk in Public-Use Survey Datasets (440 KB)


Contextual Data Files From the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth: Access and Analyses (194 KB)

Piccinino, Mosher

Assessing the Statistical Disclosure Risk of a Demographic Microdata File (228 KB)


Formal Discussion (135 KB)


Respondent Acceptance of Touch-Tone Data Entry in Cognitive Interviews on HIV/STD Risk Behaviors (212 KB)

Blumberg, Cynamon

Improving Electronic Data Collection and Dissemination through Usability Testing (182 KB)

Murphy, Tedesco, Marquis, Roske-Hofstrand, Hoffman, Saner, Harris

Internet Data Collection at the U.S. Census Bureau (440 KB)

Kanarek, Sedivi

Organizer: Steve Cohen

Disseminating Distributed Statistical Data: The ADDSIA Project (99 KB)


On-Line Analysis of Data from Complex Samples (101 KB)

Cohen, Planchon

Address Listing Data Collection (92 KB)


A Prototype System for Displaying and Disseminating Data from the 1997 Census of Agriculture (98 KB)


Demetra: A User-Friendly Interface for Seasonal Adjustment (98 KB)

Dossé, Hoffmann, Kelsen, Planas, Linden

Maintaining Tracking Information on Subjects in Longitudinal Studies (107 KB)

Brown-Scoggins, Rothwell

Integrated Information Solutions at the Census Bureau (94 KB)

Wallace, Landman

Data Warehousing at the National Agricultural Statistics Service, "Easy & Fast Data Access for Everyone" (104 KB)

Nealon, Yost