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2015 Research Conference

Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
December 1-3, 2015


Resources and Proceedings
Unless noted, all of these documents are in Portable Document Format [PDF].

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Using Federal Administrative Data to Evaluate and Improve Economic Policy (130.0 MB)
Dr. Raj Chetty (Bloomberg Professor of Economics at Harvard University)


Linking Administrative BJS Data: Understanding Jail Mortality Through the Communities They Serve (150.0 MB)

Margaret Noonan (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Susan Brumbaugh (RTI International)
Chris Ellis (RTI International)

Linking Administrative BJS Data: Better Understanding Prisoners' Personal Histories by Linking the National Corrections Reporting Program and CARRA Data (153.0 MB)

E. Ann Carson (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Linking Deaths in Custody Reporting Program (DCRP) and National Death Index (NDI) data: Assessing Cause of Death (COD) Data reported to the DCRP (30.0 MB)

Margaret Noonan (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Ingrid A. Binswanger (Institute for Health Research-Kaiser Permanente)
Patrick J. Blatchford (Colorado School of Public Health)
Hope Smiley-McDonald (RTI International)
Chris Ellis (RTI International)

Internet and Smartphone Coverage in a National Health Survey: Implications for Alternative Modes

Mick Couper (University of Michigan)
Jennifer Kelley (University of Michigan)
William Axinn (University of Michigan)
Heidi Guyer (University of Michigan)
James Wagner (University of Michigan)
Brady West (University of Michigan)

Designing Web Surveys for Different Screen Sizes and Operating Systems: What Respondents are Using (440.0 MB)

Robert Tortora (ICF International)

Characteristics of the Population of Internet Panel Members

John Boyle (ICF International)
Naomi Freedner (ICF International)
Tala Fakhouri (ICF International)

JOLTS Variance Estimation to Account for JOLTS-CES Alignment (440.0 MB)

Mark Crankshaw (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Michael Sverchkov (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Linearization Variance Estimators for Mixed-mode Survey Data When Response Indicators are Modeled as Discrete-time Survival
(440.0 MB)

Abdellatif Demnati (Independent Consultant)

Weighting and Variance Estimation Plans for the 2016 National Household Survey (115.0 MB)

François Verret (Statistics Canada)
Arthur Goussanou (Statistics Canada)
Nancy Devin (Statistics Canada)

Bias From Unit Non-Response in the Measurement of Income in Household Surveys

C. Adam Bee (U.S. Census Bureau)
Graton Gathright (U.S. Census Bureau)
Bruce Meyer (University of Chicago)

Do Imputed Earnings Earn Their Keep? Evaluating SIPP Earnings and Non-Response With Administrative Records (80.0 MB)

Mark Klee (U.S. Census Bureau)
Rebecca Chenevert (U.S. Census Bureau)
Kelly Wilkin (U.S. Census Bureau)

Bridging a Survey Redesign Using Multiple Imputation: An Application to the 2014 CPS ASEC

Jonathan Rothbaum (U.S. Census Bureau)


Using Uniform Bill (UB)-04 Administrative Claims Data to Describe Hospital-Based Care (150.0 MB)

Sonja Williams (National Center for Health Statistics)
Naga Shanmugam (National Center for Health Statistics)
Amy Brown (National Center for Health Statistics)
Carol DeFrances (National Center for Health Statistics)

Acquiring Survey Data From Electronic Health Record Systems: Experiences From the National Hospital Care Survey (NHCS)

Kristi Eckerson (Emory University IPA to National Center for Health Statistics)
Brian Gugerty (National Center for Health Statistics)
Anita Bercovitz (National Center for Health Statistics)
Carol DeFrances (National Center for Health Statistics)

Matching the National Hospital Care Survey Records Across Settings and With Outside Data Sources

Shaleah Levant (National Center for Health Statistics)
Monica Wolford (National Center for Health Statistics)

Evaluation of Strategies to Improve Utility of Estimates From a Non-probability Based Survey (58.0 MB)

Benmei Liu (National Cancer Institute)
Sadeq Chowdhury (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
Janet deMoor (National Cancer Institute)
Erin Kent (National Cancer Institute)
Steven Machlin (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
Stephanie Nutt (LIVESTRONG Foundation)
Anita Soni (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) Katherine Virgo (Emory University)
Gordon Willis (National Cancer Institute)
Maggie Wilson (National Cancer Institute)
K. Robin Yabroff (National Cancer Institute)
Interagency Consortium to Promote Health Economics Research on Cancer (HEROIC)

Response Rates and Response Bias in Web Panel Surveys

John Boyle (ICF International)
Lew Berman (ICF International)
Jamie Dayton (ICF International)
Tala Fakhouri (ICF International)
Ronaldo Iachan (ICF International)
Melanie Courtright (Research Now)
Kartik Pashupati (Research Now)

Prediction-Enhanced Generalized Regression for Estimation from Purposive Supplements to Probability Samples (116.0 MB)

Avinash Singh (American Institutes for Research)
Yongheng Lin (NORC at the University of Chicago)

Some Thoughts on Fitting Regression Models to Complex Survey Data (440.0 MB)

Phillip Kott (RTI International)

Comparative Study of Confidence Intervals for Proportions in Complex Sample Surveys

Carolina Franco (U.S. Census Bureau)
Roderick Little (University of Michigan)
Thomas Louis (U.S. Census Bureau and John Hopkins University)
Eric Slud (U.S. Census Bureau and University of Maryland)

Total Variability Measures for Selected Quarterly Workforce Indicators and LEHD Origin Destination Employment Statistics in OnTheMap

Kevin McKinney (U.S. Census Bureau)
Andrew Green (Cornell University and U.S. Census Bureau)
Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University and U.S. Census Bureau) John Abowd (Cornell University and U.S. Census Bureau)

Characteristics of Special Purpose Entities in Measures of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad (45.0 MB)

Dylan Rassier (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Building a Taxonomy and Lexicon of Terms and Concepts at BLS (240.0 MB)

Daniel Gillman (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Elizabeth Ashack (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Daniel Chow (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Ronald Johnson (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Karen Kosanovich (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Nicole Nestoriak (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Ann Norris (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Garrett Schmitt (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Clayton Waring (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

New Technology Indicator for Technological Progress (53.0 MB)

Wendy Li (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Two Perspectives on Commuting and Workplace: A Microdata Comparison of Home to Work Flows Across Linked Survey and Administrative Files

Andrew Green (U.S. Census Bureau, Cornell University)
Mark Kutzbach (U.S. Census Bureau)
Lars Vilhuber (U.S. Census Bureau, Cornell University)

An 'Algorithmic Links with Probabilities' Crosswalk for USPC Codes (150.0 MB)

Nikolas Zolas (U.S. Census Bureau)
Nathan Goldschlag (U.S. Census Bureau)
Travis Lybbert (University of California, Davis)

Linking BEA Surveys of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States with BLS Register and Survey Data: Twenty First Century Methods and Preliminary Findings (208.0 MB)

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Mina Kim (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Lowell Mason (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
David Talan (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Retrieval of Autobiographical Information (150.0 MB)

Erica Yu (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Scott Fricker (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The Science of Usability Testing (22.0 MB)

Jean Fox (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Using Graphics to Convey Complex Survey Concepts - Part 1, (440.0 MB) Part 2 (265.0 MB)

Heidi St.Onge (U.S. Census Bureau)
Rebecca Morrison (National Science Foundation)

Using Eye-tracking to Understand how Fourth Grade Students Answer Matrix Items (440.0 MB)

Aaron Maitland (Westat)
Hanyu Sun (Westat)
Andrew Caporaso (Westat)
Roger Tourangeau (Westat)
Jonas Bertling (Educational Testing Service)
Debby Almonte (Educational Testing Service)

Reliability Testing of the Walking Environment Module (440.0 MB)

Stephanie Fowler (National Cancer Institute)
Gordon Willis (National Cancer Institute)
Rebecca Ferrer (National Cancer Institute)
David Berrigan (National Cancer Institute)

Evaluating the Alignment of Grant Allocation and Community Need Using Bayesian Spatial Probit Models: A Case Study of AmeriCorps

Robin Ghertner (Corporation for National and Community Service)
Katie Seely-Gant (Corporation for National and Community Service)

Bayesian Estimation Under Informative Sampling

Terrance Savitsky (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Daniel Toth (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Statistical Considerations in Validating Clinical Quality Measures

Derekh Cornwell (Mathematica Policy Research)
Fei Zing (Mathematica Policy Research)
Juan-Diego Astudillo (Mathematica Policy Research)
Michael Sinclair (Mathematica Policy Research)
Nancy Sonnenfeld (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
Mihir Patel (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Combining Several Crop Yield Indications (440.0 MB)

Nathan Cruze (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

2015 National Survey of College Graduates: Enhancing the Use of Adaptive Design

John Finamore (National Science Foundation)
Stephanie Coffey (U.S. Census Bureau)
Benjamin Reist (U.S. Census Bureau)

Investigating Nonresponse Subsampling in an Establishment Survey Through Embedded Experiments (440.0 MB)

Katherine Jenny Thompson (U.S. Census Bureau)
Stephen Kaputa (U.S. Census Bureau)

Adept Adaptations: Developing Alternative Strategies in Adaptive Survey Designs (31.0 MB)

Jaki McCarthy (National Agricultural Statistical Service)
Tyler Wilson (National Agricultural Statistical Service)

Adaptive Design Experimentation in the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 Second Follow-up Field Test: Investigating Incentive Treatments (33.0 MB)

Elise Christopher (National Center for Education Statistics)


Treatment of Missing Data in Hierarchically-Structured Administrative Records: A Case Study in the Bakken Region Using FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System (440.0 MB)

Dan Liao (RTI International)
Marcus Berzofsky (RTI International)
David Heller (RTI International)
Kelle Barrick (RTI International)
Matthew DeMichele (RTI International)
Kim Martin (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Alexia Cooper (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Introducing Parametric Models and Administrative Records Into 2014 SIPP Imputations (46.0 MB)

Gary Benedetto (U.S. Census Bureau)
Joanna Motro (U.S. Census Bureau)
Martha Stinson (U.S. Census Bureau)

Comparison of Modern Imputation Methodologies on Complex Data from Agricultural Operations (440.0 MB)

Darcy Miller (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Andrew Dau (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Demonstrations on Data Visualizations and Metadata Systems (440.0 MB)

Andrew Hait (U.S. Census Bureau)

Crowdsourcing Codebook Enhancements: A DDI-based Approach (165.0 MB)

Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University)
Benjamin Perry (Cornell University)
Venkata Kambhampaty (Cornell University)
Kyle Brumsted (McGill University)
William Block (Cornell University)

Visualization of BLS Geospatial Data Using R/Shiny (43.0 MB)

Elizabeth Cross (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Kenneth Cho (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Randall Powers (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Jeffrey M. Gonzalez (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Wendy Martinez (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Interactive Web Visualization of Birth and Pregnancy Trends by Maternal Age, Race/Ethnicity, and Marital States: United States, 1909-2013 (440.0 MB)

Li Lu (National Center for Health Statistics)
Yinong Chong (National Center for Health Statistics)
Sally Curtin (National Center for Health Statistics)
Brady Hamilton (National Center for Health Statistics)

How Do We Bring Them In?: A Case Study in Using Non-Traditional Approaches to Recruiting Focus Group Participants (440.0 MB)

Ashley Schaad (ICF International)
Rikki Welch (ICF International)

A Multi-Method Approach to Survey Pretesting (33.0 MB)

Joe Murphy (RTI International)
Ashley Richards (RTI International)
David Roe (RTI International)
Danni Mayclin (Energy Information Administration)

Cognitive Interviewing for Surveys on Sexual Assault With College Students

Sarah Cook (RTI International)
Michael Planty (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Jessica Stroop (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Chris Krebs (RTI International)
Christine Lindquist (RTI International)

Modeling the Effect of Diverse Communication Strategies on Decennial Census Test Response Rates (440.0 MB)

Gina Walejko (U.S. Census Bureau)
Nancy Bates (U.S. Census Bureau)
Rachel Horwitz (U.S. Census Bureau)
Monica Vines (U.S. Census Bureau)

Respondent Driven Sampling With On-line Recruitment and Adaptive Follow-ups (30.0 MB)

Deirdre Middleton (ICF International)
Christian Evans, (ICF International)
Naomi Freedner (ICF International)
Ronaldo Iachan (ICF International)
Karen Trocki (Alcohol Research Group)

Structural Changes via Threshold Effects: Estimating U.S. Meat Demand Using Smooth Transition Functions (270.0 MB)

Nestor Rodriguez (Economic Research Service)
James Eales (Purdue University)

Measuring Single-Year Poverty Transitions: Opportunities and Limitations (440.0 MB)

Ashley Edwards (U.S. Census Bureau)

Improving NASS's Crop Yield Forecasts

Noemi Guindin-Garcia (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Patterns of Item Nonresponse for Income in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (40.0 MB)

Peter Frechtel (RTI International)
Kristen Gulledge Brown (RTI International)
Jonaki Bose (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Missing Data Methods for Regression Analysis

Susan Edwards (RTI International)
Phillip Kott (RTI International)
Rachel Harter (RTI International)
Peter Frechtel (RTI International)
Stephen Tueller (RTI International)
Jiantong Wang (RTI International)
Jonaki Bose (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
Sarra Hedden (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Using Classification Trees to Recommend Hot Deck Imputation Methods: A Case Study (52.0 MB)

Laura Bechtel (U.S. Census Bureau)
Darcy Steeg Morris (U.S. Census Bureau)
Katherine Jenny Thompson (U.S. Census Bureau)

Within-Industry Productivity Dispersion and Imputation for Missing Data (43.0 MB)

T. Kirk White (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jerome P. Reiter (Duke University)
Amil Petrin (University of Minnesota and NBER)

Optimal Stratification and Allocation for the June Area Survey (440.0 MB)

Jonathan Lisic (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Hejian Sang (Iowa State University)
Zhengyuan Zhu (Iowa State University)
Stephanie Zimmer (Iowa State University)

NHTSA's Data Modernization Project (440.0 MB)

Fan Zhang (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Chou-Lin Chen (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Eun Young Noh (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Rajesh.Subramanian (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Getting a Boost: Improving Cooperation Rates in Youth and Young Adults

Jennifer Cantrell (Truth Initiative)
Randall Thomas (GfK Custom Research)
Elizabeth Hair (Truth Initiative)
Donna Vallone (Truth Initiative)

Designing a Multipurpose Longitudinal Incentives Experiment for the Survey of Income and Program Participation (30.0 MB)

Ashley Westra (U.S. Census Bureau)
Mahdi Sundukchi (U.S. Census Bureau)
Tracy Mattingly (U.S. Census Bureau)

Incentive Types and Amounts in a Web-based Survey of College Students (31.0 MB)

Chris Krebs (RTI International)
Michael Planty (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Jessica Stroop (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Marcus Berzofsky (RTI International)
Christine Lindquist (RTI International)

Efforts to Address Respondent Concerns in the American Community Survey (63.0 MB)

Todd Hughes (U.S. Census Bureau)

As Time Goes By: How Period Data Influence the Estimates of Recently Arrived Immigrants in the American Community Survey

Elizabeth Grieco (U.S. Census Bureau)
Luke Larsen (U.S. Census Bureau)
Howard Hogan (U.S. Census Bureau)

Comparison of Migration Data: 2013 American Community Survey and Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey (19.4 MB)

David Ihrke (U.S. Census Bureau)
William Koerber (U.S. Census Bureau)
Alison Fields (U.S. Census Bureau)

A New Approach to Classify and Analyze Changing Social Structure by Race/Ethnicity Across Censuses: Complex Households

Laurel Schwede (U.S. Census Bureau)

Creating the American Opportunity Study (AOS): A New Tool to Study Trends in Social Mobility

Carol House (National Academy of Sciences)
J. Trent Alexander (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jonathan Fisher (Stanford University)
David Grusky (Standord University)
Michael Hout (New York University)
Amy O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)
Aliya Saperstein (Stanford University)
Matthew Snipp (Stanford University)

Travel Time Use Over Five Decades (200.0 MB)

Chao Wei (George Washington University)
Chen Song (George Washington University)


Health Care Use and Expenditure Data for Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries: A Comparison of Two Surveys (30.0 MB)

Lisa Mirel (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
Steven Machlin (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Comparability in Race Reporting Between Cancer Registry Data and the National Surveys: Results From SEER-NLMS Linked Data

Mandi Yu (National Cancer Institute)
Sean Altekruse (National Cancer Institute)
Kathleen Cronin (National Cancer Institute)

Self-Reported vs. Administrative Race/Ethnicity Data and Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice System

Zhen Zeng (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
E. Ann Carson (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Multilingual, Multicultural, Multi-mode Testing of Questions for U.S. Census 2020

Alisú Schoua-Glusberg (Research Support Services)
Patricia Goerman (U.S. Census Bureau)
Mandy Sha (RTI International)

Does a Standardized Spanish Translation of USDA's U.S. Household Food Security Survey Module Affect Differential Item Functioning Between Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic Households? (56.0 MB)

Matthew Rabbitt (Economic Research Service)
Alisha Coleman-Jensen (Economic Research Service)

Adapting the Medicine Wheel Model to Extend the Applicability of the Traditional Logic Model in Evaluation Research (60.0 MB)

Susan Jenkins (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
Kristen Robinson (Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.)

A Predictive Model of Patient Readmission Using Combined ICD-9 Codes as Engineered Features (112.4 MB)

Robert P. Yerex (University of Virginia Medical System)

Predictive Analytics with Administrative Data from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (56.0 MB)

Yuwen Dai (Summit Consulting, LLC)
Natalie Patten (Summit Consulting, LLC)
Albert Lee (Summit Consulting, LLC)
George Cave (Summit Consulting, LLC)

Responsive Design in Suicide Prevention Program Data Collection (18.0 MB)

Aruna Rikhi (Headquarters Marine Corps Behavioral Health)
Jessica Jagger (Headquarters Marine Corps Behavioral Health)
Adam Walsh (Headquarters Marine Corps Behavioral Health)

Scenario Forecasting of Insurance Claims Based on the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs)

Vyacheslav Lyubchich (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)

Spatial Data Analyses, Visualization, and Research Opportunities in the Division of Cancer Control and Populations Sciences at the US National Cancer Institute

Zaria Tatalovich (National Institute of Health)
Li Zhu (National Institute of Health)
David Berrigan (National Institute of Health)

Integrating Geospatial and Public Health Data: Examples Using National Center for Health Statistics Data Systems (30.6 MB)

Lauren Rossen (National Center for Health Statistics) Patsy Lloyd (National Center for Health Statistics)

Geospatial Data for Statistical Use From the U.S. Department of Transportation

Edward Strocko (Bureau of Transportation Statistics)

Stratification of an Agricultural Area Sampling Frame Using Geospatial Cultivation and Crop Planting Frequency Data Layers (282.0 MB)

Claire Boryan (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Zhengwei Yang (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Patrick Willis (National Agricultural Statistics Service

Discussant: Rolf Schmitt (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) (6.2 MB)

Editing Index - A New Methodology of Identifying Response Error

Chin-Fang Weng (U.S. Census Bureau)

Using Administrative Data to Ensure Data Quality in Anonymous Surveys

Marina Murray (Peace Corps)
Angel Velarde (Peace Corps)

Exploring the Use of External Data in the American Community Survey: Opportunities and Challenges (70.0 MB)

Amy O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)
James Treat (U.S. Census Bureau)

What Do We Know About the Presence of Young Children in Administrative Records (70.0 MB)

William O'Hare (The Annie E. Casey Foundation)

Mandatory Messaging in the American Community Survey (97.1 MB)

Elizabeth Poehler (U.S. Census Bureau)
Dorothy Barth (U.S. Census Bureau)
Todd Hughes (U.S. Census Bureau)

The Impact of Greeting Personalization on Estimates of Sexual Assault Victimization (17.0 MB)

Ashley Richards (RTI International)
Marcus Berzofsky (RTI International)
Kimberly Peterson (RTI International)
Christine Lindquist (RTI International)
Christopher Krebs (RTI International)
Michael Planty (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Lynn Langton (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Jessica Stroop (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Testing a Model-Directed, Mixed Mode Protocol in the RECS Pilot Study (40.5 MB)

Paul Biemer (RTI International)
Phillip Kott (RTI International)
Stephanie Zimmer (RTI International)
Chip Berry (Energy Information Administration)

An Experiment Testing Alternative Email Contact Timing Strategies in a Web-Based Survey of Federal Personnel (440.0 MB)

Taylor Lewis (U.S. Office of Personnel Management)
Karl Hess (U.S. Office of Personnel Management)

Adjusting the Measurement of the Output of the Medical Sector for Quality: A Review of the Literature (440.0 MB)

Anne Hall (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

What Medical Conditions Are Driving the Spending Slowdown? An Analysis Using the New Health Care Account from the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Abe Dunn (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Lindsey Rittmueller (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Bryn Whitmire (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

State-Level Estimates from the NHIS Restricted Data: Analysis to support states implementation and evaluation of the ACA (97.0 MB)

Joanna Turner (University of Minnesota - State Health Access Data Assistance Center)

An Early Look at the Consumer Expenditure Survey Gemini Redesign Proof of Concept Test (56.0 MB)

Laura Erhard (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Jennifer Edgar (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Nhien To (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

An Overview of the New Survey of Income and Program Participation (56.3 MB)

Jason Fields (U.S. Census Bureau)
Matthew Marlay (U.S. Census Bureau)
Patrick Campanello (U.S. Census Bureau)

Design of a National Longitudinal Survey of Small Businesses to Assess the Early Impact of Healthcare Reform (34.0 MB)

David Kashihara (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
Robert Baskin (Retired)

Movement and Changing Environment on the National Children's Study: How can we Understand the Impact on a Longitudinal Population Survey

Ned English (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)
Edward Mulrow (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)
Jennifer Hasche (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)
Katie Dekker (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)
Christina Park (National Institutes of Health)


Creating Improved Survey Data Products Using Linked Administrative-Survey Data (47.2 MB)

Michael Davern (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)
Bruce Meyer (University of Chicago)

Developing a Residence Candidate File for Use With Employer-Employee Matched Data (34.0 MB)

Matthew Graham (U.S. Census Bureau)
Mark Kutzbach (U.S. Census Bureau)
Danielle Sandler (U.S. Census Bureau)

Using the Census to Evaluate Administrative Records and Vice Versa (130.0 MB)

J. David Brown (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jennifer Childs (U.S. Census Bureau)
Amy O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)

Data-Driven Decision Making and the Design of Economic Census Data Collection Instruments (60.0 MB)

Eric Fink (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jennifer Beck (U.S. Census Bureau)
Diane Willimack (U.S. Census Bureau)

Integrated Management of Survey Modes (10.0 MB)

Jerome Wernimont (Westat)
Ray Snowden (Westat)

Evaluating Collection Mode Effect with Web Data Collection in the Canadian Labor Force Survey (10.0 MB)

Justin Francis (Statistics Canada)
Guy Laflamme (Statistics Canada)

Agreement Across Modes of Collection in the Occupational Requirements Survey: Results From a Pilot Job Observation Test (3.5 MB)

Kristen Monaco (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Kristin Smyth (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Tiffany Chang (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Vaping the Web: Crowdsourcing and Web Scraping for Establishment Survey Frame Generation (50.3 MB)

Bryan Rhodes (RTI International)
Annice Kim (RTI International)
Brett Loomis (RTI International)

Using a Mobile Mapping Instrument to Evaluate a Permanent Grid Sampling Frame (115.4 MB)

Denise Abreu (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Linda Lawson (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Claire Boryan (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Michael Gerling (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Rick Hardin (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Quantifying Urban Agriculture: A Case Study from Baltimore (111.0 MB)

Linda Young (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

A Meta-analysis of Within-Household Respondent Selection Methods (42.2 MB)

Ting Yan (Westat)
Roger Tourangeau (Westat)
Rose McAloon (University of Maryland)

How Did the Method Change in the CPS ASEC Affect Health Insurance Estimates? (23.0 MB)

Carla Medalia (U.S. Census Bureau)
Brett O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)

Estimating a Time-Trend of the Uninsured Rate for the CPS Parallel ASEC

Brett O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)
Carla Medalia (U.S. Census Bureau)

Comparing 2014 SIPP and 2014 CPS ASEC Employer-Sponsored Insurance Offer and Take-up Rates

Joelle Abramowitz (U.S. Census Bureau)

Medicare Coverage and Reporting of the Elderly Population: A Comparison of CPS and Administrative Records

Renuka Bhaskar (U.S. Census Bureau)
James Noon (U.S. Census Bureau)
Sonya Rastogi (U.S. Census Bureau)
Brett O'Hara (U.S. Census Bureau)
Victoria Velkoff (U.S. Census Bureau)

Simulated Versus Actual SNAP Unit Composition in Survey Households in Two States (35.3 MB)

Karen Cunnyngham (Mathematica Policy Research)
John Czajka (Mathematica Policy Research)
Randy Rosso (Mathematica Policy Research)

Program Confusion in the 2014 SIPP: Using Administrative Records to Correct False Positive SSI Reports (58.3 MB)

Katherine Giefer (U.S. Census Bureau)
Abby Williams (U.S. Census Bureau)
Gary Benedetto (U.S. Census Bureau)
Joanna Motro (U.S. Census Bureau)

Evaluation of Record Linkage for SEER Breast Cancer Registries to Oncotype DX Assays (20.0 MB)

Michael Larsen (George Washington University)
Will Howe (Information Management Services)
Nicola Schussler (Information Management Services)
Benmei Liu (National Cancer Institute)
Valentina Petkov (National Cancer Institute)
Mandi Yu (National Cancer Institute)

Optimizing the Decennial Census for Mobile - A Case Study (118.7 MB)

Elizabeth Nichols (U.S. Census Bureau)
Erica Olmsted Hawala (U.S. Census Bureau)
Rachel Horwitz (U.S. Census Bureau)
Michael Bentley (U.S. Census Bureau)

Testing the Feasibility of Collecting Expenditure Data via Individual Mobile and Web Diaries (40.0 MB)

Ian Elkin (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Brett McBride (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Lucilla Tan (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Gridlock: Improving Questionnaire Design for Mobile Devices

Randall Thomas (GfK Custom Research)
Frances Barlas (GfK Custom Research)

Measurement on the Move: Designing Questionnaires for Mobile First (84.0 MB)

Frances Barlas (GfK Custom Research)
Randall Thomas (GfK Custom Research)
Patricia Graham (GfK Custom Research)

A Summary of Issues Associated With the Modernization of Data Collection (113.0 MB)

Linda Lawson (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Denise Abreu (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Claire Boryan (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Michael Gerling (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
Rick Hardin (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Formal Privacy Protection for Data Products Combining Individual and Employer Frames

Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke University)
Samuel Haney (Duke University)
Matthew Graham (U.S. Census Bureau)
Mark Kutzbach (U.S. Census Bureau)
John Abowd (U.S. Census Bureau, Cornell University)

Methods of Selecting Variables in Data Disclosure (42.0 MB)

Charles Lin (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Hwai-Tai Lam (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Lijia Guo (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Tom Garin (Department of Veterans Affairs)

Considering the Usefulness of Standard FOIA Provisions in Interagency Agreements (26.0 MB)

Jennifer Goode, PhD (U.S. Census Bureau)
Michael Toland, PhD (U.S. Census Bureau)
Hampton Wilson (U.S. Census Bureau)
Rana Wahdan (U.S. Census Bureau)

Early Estimates of Annual Manufacturing Industry Output

Peter Meyer (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Jason McClellan (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Jennifer Price (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Sam Rowe (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Early Monthly Estimates for the Services Sector

Pieter Vlag (Statistics Netherlands)
Ton de Waal (Statistics Netherlands)
Cagan Kaya (Turkish National Statistical Institute)

Medicaid and CHIP Data Methodology for SAHIE Models (50.0 MB)

David Powers (U.S. Census Bureau)
Lauren Bowers (U.S. Census Bureau)
Wesley Basel (U.S. Census Bureau)
Samuel Szelepka (U.S. Census Bureau)


Managing Survey Costs: Using Mobile Technology Coupled With Performance Dashboards to Improve Field Operations (56.0 MB)

Brad Edwards (Westat)
Richard Dulaney (Westat)
Abie Reifer (Westat)
Tamara Bruce (Westat)

Adaptive and Responsive Survey Designs: A Review and Assessment (30.0 MB)

Roger Tourangeau (Westat)
J. Michael Brick (Westat)
Sharon Lohr (Westat)
Jane Li (Westat)

Innovative Uses of Paradata in the Survey of Income and Program Participation (40.0 MB)

Matthew Marlay (U.S. Census Bureau)
Holly Fee (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jason Fields (U.S. Census Bureau)

Using Computer-Assisted Recorded Interviewing to Enhance Field Monitoring and Improve Data Quality (32.0 MB)

Holly Fee (U.S. Census Bureau)
Matthew Marlay (U.S. Census Bureau)
Jason Fields (U.S. Census Bureau)

Changes in the Distribution of After-Tax Wealth: Has Income Tax Policy Increased Wealth Inequality? (22.0 MB)

Kevin Moore (Federal Reserve Board)
Adam Looney (Brookings Institution)

Rounding in Household Financial Surveys: The Roles of Survey Design and Individual Characteristics (70.0 MB)

Michael Gideon (U.S. Census Bureau)
Joanne Hsu (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
Brooke Helppie McFall (Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan)

Reassessing Wealth Data Quality in the Survey of Income and Program Participation (54.0 MB)

Jonathan Eggleston (U.S. Census Bureau)
Mark A. Klee (U.S. Census Bureau)

Measuring the Wealth of Hard-to-Find U.S. Minorities: Sampling, Recruiting and Weighting Issues

Thomas Guterbock (University of Virginia)
James Ellis (University of Virginia)
Deborah Rexrode (University of Virginia)
Casey Eggleston (U.S. Census Bureau)
Darrick Hamilton (The New School)
William Darity, Jr. (Duke University)

Education Data in the Cloud

Shelley Burns (National Center for Education Statistics)
Brian Taylor (National Center for Education Statistics)
Marilyn Seastrom (National Center for Education Statistics)
Ted Socha (National Center for Education Statistics)

Research Using Remote Access or Remote Execution Systems (51.4 MB)

Peter Meyer (National Center for Health Statistics)
Vijay Gambhir (National Center for Health Statistics)
Corey Decker (National Center for Health Statistics)
James Craver (National Center for Health Statistics)
SAMHSA Data Portal
Brooklyn Lupari (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Developing and Testing the Microdata Analysis System at the US Census Bureau (32.2 MB)

Bryan Schar (U.S. Census Bureau)
Michael Freiman (U.S. Census Bureau)
Amy Lauger (U.S. Census Bureau)

New Developments at JPSM (50.0 MB)

Richard Valliant (Joint Program in Survey Methodology)
Frauke Kreuter (Joint Program in Survey Methodology)

A Comparison of Ex-Ante, Laboratory, and Field Methods for Evaluating Survey Questions (19.4 MB)

Aaron Maitland (Westat)

The Impact of Rapport on Data Quality in CAPI and Video-mediated Interviews: Disclosure of Sensitive Information and Item Nonresponse (32.2 MB)

Hanyu Sun (Westat)

Topics in Model-Assisted Point and Variance Estimation in Clustered Samples (31.0 MB)

Timothy Kennel (U.S. Census Bureau)

The Use of Responsive Split Questionnaires in a Panel Survey

Jeffrey M. Gonzalez (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Testing the Relationship Between Social Integration and Nonresponse (37.4 MB)

Ashley Amaya (Joint Program in Survey Methodology)

Sample Design in Three-stage Household Surveys Supplemented by Commercial Address Lists (28.0 MB)

Alena Maze (National Center for Health Statistics)