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FCSM Statistical Policy Seminar Programs and Presentations

FCSM Statistical Policy Seminar Programs and Presentations

2016: The Future of Federal Statistics – Use of Multiple Data Sources, Anchored in Fundamental Principles and Practices [Program]

2014: Official Statistics in a Changing Society – Making Choices and Balancing Tradeoffs [External link to presentations]

2012: Collaborating to Achieve Innovation and Efficiencies: Advances and Opportunities [External link to presentations]

2010: Beyond Our Traditions: Innovative Approaches to Longstanding and Emerging Challenges

2008: Beyond 2010 – Confronting the Challenges

2006: Keeping Current: What We Know – What We Need To Learn

2004: Achieving Statistical Quality in Diverse and Changing Environments

2003: Funding Opportunity in Survey Research

2002: Challenges to the Federal Statistical System in Fostering Access to Statistics

2001: Funding Opportunity in Survey Research

2000: Integrating Federal Statistical Information and Processes Resources and Proceedings. 2001 (Available only in hard-copy. NTIS PB2001-104626)

1998: Interagency Coordination and Cooperation Resources and Proceedings. 1999 (Available only in hard-copy. NTIS PB99-132029)

1996: Statistical Methodology in the Public Service

1994: New Directions in Statistical Methodology

1990: Quality of Federal Data