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About CDAC


CDAC was the first interest group of OMB's Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM). The Confidentiality and Data Access Committee (CDAC) was formed for two main reasons:

  1. Staff members of Federal statistical agencies who work in the "confidentiality area" expressed a need to have a forum where they could communicate among themselves, discuss disclosure limitation methods, and exchange ideas.
  2. CDAC is a follow-on activity for the FCSM's Statistical Policy Working Paper # 22 (SPWP # 22), Report on Statistical Disclosure Limitation Methodology.


  • The members of CDAC are federal employees of Executive Branch agencies and those administrative or independent agencies associated with the Executive Branch. These employees are responsible for (and/or working on) statistical disclosure limitation methods, administrative procedures for access to confidential statistical data, and members of their agency's Disclosure Review Board.


  • Identify opportunities to implement the recommendations and research agenda contained in Chapters VI and VII of SPWP # 22;
  • Disseminate SPWP # 22 "beyond the beltway"
  • Share current research activities;
  • Explore new research ideas;
  • Serve as a forum where other government entities (agencies and their contractors) can get assistance on confidentiality and data access issues;
  • Stimulate and/or renew interest in the academic community to pursue research in relevant areas;
  • Organize sessions for the annual Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) sponsored by the American Statistical Association, the International Biometric Society (ENAR and WNAR), the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and the Statistical Society of Canada; and
  • Provide input into organizing sessions for FCSM conferences.

Schedule of meetings:

  • CDAC meets four times a year. Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of January, April, July, and October.

Committee's Officers: