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Confidentiality and Data Access Committee (CDAC)

The Confidentiality and Data Access Committee (CDAC) is an FCSM interest group focusing on issues related to statistical disclosure limitation (de-identification) and controlled access to confidential data. CDAC's membership primarily includes federal employees from across government who manage their agencies' Disclosure Review Boards and tiered-data access programs. CDAC serves as an information-sharing forum to foster collaboration on current research activities, to explore new research ideas, and to provide assistance to agencies across government on confidentiality and data access issues

CDAC is sponsored by the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology to provide a forum for staff members of Federal statistical agencies who work on confidentiality and data access topics to communicate among themselves, exchange ideas, etc.

Please contact the group chair(s) if you are a federal employee and interested in participating.


Recording of CDAC Meetings and Workshops:

Date Record
June 25 Assessing Privacy Risk: Reconstruction & Re-identification (2020)
July 9 Privacy and Accuracy for 2020 Census Data Products: the CNSTAT Workshop (2020)
July 23 Privacy in the American Community Survey (2020)
August 13 Disclosure Review Boards: Design, Governance, Modernization (2020)
September 3 Disclosure Review Risk Assessments (2020)
September 17 Advances in Disclosure Avoidance (2020)
October 1 Disclosure in an Era of Administrative Records and Data Sharing (2020)
October 15 Reducing Barriers to Researcher Access (2020)

DISCLAIMER: Materials posted on this page are released to inform interested parties of research and to encourage discussion. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the FCSM or the participating agencies.